Monday, November 29, 2004

The Final Act of the Career Search

I finally got word from Google today.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to move forward at this point. I am sorry it has taken us so long to give you an answer.

Everyone enjoyed meeting you and we appreciate your interest in Google.


I've also decided that I don't want to work for Navair, so... after months of phone calls, interviews, cancelled/delayed flights, and missed classes... I'm going to be doing what I was planning on doing from the start. I'll be going to work for Boeing as a DBA. I'm wondering if it has 'been good' for me to go through all these interviews, or if I was just wasting my time. Was it worth sitting in airports and airplanes for entire days? Maybe. I just don't know. I got invaluable experience from all the interviews. And now I know how to pick a security line at the airport.

This is kind of good, because I accepted the offer from Boeing BEFORE I started all this interviewing nonsense. So, if I had gone someplace else... I would have had to explain that to my manager at Boeing.

So, I applied and interviewed for enough jobs to choke a horse. And only got ONE offer. I must suck at life (not really... just one of my favorite expressions). Anyways. Keep checking back, I guess the career search is over (for a while)... but I have a feeling a lot of crazy crap is gonna start happening after graduation (12 days away).


Adam Phillabaum said...

I'm going to be living in Seattle with a VERY enterprising guy... so, we're already planning on starting something.

So, as soon as you're in Seattle... maybe we'll all start something. Start brainstorming ideas for a company... and email 'em to me :)

Adam Phillabaum said...

And, I was just talking to a new friend, and she made the point that doing all these interviews was definitely worth it. How annoying would it be to keep thinking: "I wonder if I could have gotten a cooler job out of school." Even though the answer is "no," I'm glad I went through everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey -

Stumbled here from your comment on Scoble's site.

Anyways, I went through the same thing almost 2 years ago now, and I can definitely say that the more interviews you have and the more exposure to companies you get, the more prepared you are for ultimately finding the job that's best for you. I got a job at an investment bank out of college, which I wasn't thrilled about, but it was the best offer I got and was generally a good experience. And while I was working there, I had plenty of time to learn about "corporate america", figure out what was important to me in a job, and take my time finding a job I really liked. Even if your first job isn't fantastic, it's much easier to look for a better one while you're employed than when you're living in your parents' basement.

Anyways, good luck with Boeing.

-- Rachel

Anonymous said...


Sorry to delight in your misery, but I'm happy you'll be in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

How long did it take from your first interview to the job offer at Boeing?


Adam Phillabaum said...

About a week. But, that was for an internship (and my full-time job offer came as an extension of that).