Saturday, December 04, 2004

Almost there...

Graduation is exactly 7 days away. And I've got a lot of work to do before I graduate.
So, instead of doing my homework, I'm going to write on my blog about homework.

Through my whole CS student career, with only two exceptions, I've been required to work by myself. I think this is really weird because I'm probably never going to be working on my own when I'm "in the real world." So, I've been toying with the idea to post my whole homework set on the information super highway. Thus, in effect, giving everyone a little help on their homework.

"But people will just copy your homework and turn it in."
I will bet that will almost definitely not work, for a couple reasons. (A) Teachers usually switch up homework assignments. From semester to semester, most teachers will alter the previous version of the homework enough that it can't just be copied. Or, they give completely different homeworks. (B) I'm from the old school (literally), new CS students at my school are going through a completely different cirriculum, and thus, my homeworks don't apply to their homeworks. For example: in my Computer Architecture class, we had to design (and write, in Verilog) a CPU. These new pansies don't have to do that. (C) Teachers have access to my homework too. So, if someone tried to turn in my homework as their own, a teacher would be able to catch it and promptly throw the cheater out of school.

"Whats the point if no one can use it"
Its an invaluable reference. Finding good code examples in the interweb can be difficult. When/if I put my code online, you'll be able to see how to implement polynomial stuff with Scheme!
(cons (car aList) (cons (cadr aList) (add-to-poly (cddr aList) coeff exp))

One of the hopes that I hope when/if I put this up, is that people out of school will be able to look at the homework, and attempt it. Then, they can check to see if their solution is better than mine (not hard, I'm not very good at CS).

Anyways, I've got to go help a friend taking CS101 with her webpage.

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