Sunday, April 23, 2006

Graphical Representation of Warning Sign

In the elevators in my building, there are signs that say:

One of the signs has been modded to say:

I've been meaning to make this picture for over a year. Every time I get into the elevator with the modded sign I crack up. I think a good chunk of why I think its funny is because its Boeing. I just imagine someone plotting for months to get this masterpiece completed.
First, there was a lightbulb about someone's head. They saw potential in the original sign. They casually mentioned it to a few people to see if they had seen the potential of the sign. (this was perfect "elevator banter" too... so no awkward "elevator silence" for 5 floors). No one else had seen the possibilties that lay in the lettering of the sign.
Next, they had to alter their schedule to make sure they would get elevator "alone time" (the time for elevator banter was over). Slowly, over the course of a month... they slowly chipped away at each letter. G - gone. R - gone. O - written in. G - hacked into an O.
The masterpiece was almost done. Women were now checking to see if any of their Ohio Heels were missing.
Finally, the H was removed... and the masterpiece was completed.
Or maybe a custodial professional got bored of vacuuming one night, and thought this might be the chance to "stick it to the man." Who knows. Regardless, I hope I get elevator #3 tomorrow, it would make my Monday a little brighter... and so I can tape this little beauty up.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm Not All Talk...

I talk about airplanes a lot. Maybe its because I work at Boeing. Maybe I just like flying. Maybe its because I grew up around them. Who knows? but, since I can remember, my family has gone through about 8 different airplanes at one time or another. When I was in high school, I soloed a sailplane and also a Citabria. I also passed the Private Pilots' Written Exam. But, do I have my pilot's license? Nope. In typical angsty teenager fashion, I decided that hanging out with my friends was more important/fun.
Yesterday I finally got back on track to getting my pilot's license. I am buying an airplane. A Cessna 140. One of my dad's friends is selling it me, so we found out about it before it went on the market. Apparently its pretty ugly on the outside (I haven't seen it yet), but mechanically its very sound and has a low-time engine in it. Anyways... I'm really excited about it.

On another note, my friend and I were trying to think of some funny "Web 2.0" domain names. My laundry hamper happened to be in my room, so we looked at it and check for "" Low-and-behold, its already taken... and it could definitely be considered a Web 2.0 product. It might be kind of a funny experiment to see how many domain names have be registered with similar names i.e.,,, etc. actually kind of cool looking... but I think and have it licked.

-- Update --
I saw a picture of the plane... and its actually not ugly at all!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

If you're interested...

I just signed up for Seattle Mind Camp 2.0.
A weekend, 24-hour, multi-track event. Think huge space with breakout rooms, broadband Wi-Fi, projectors, white boards - and you.

If you think you want to do it... sign up while its available.