Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Memories of Paperwork Past

So, T minus 8 days until I start work again. And I'm actually pretty excited... but I'm also dreading what lay directly in front of me.
Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to be moving to Seattle, but I'm not really excited about moving to Seattle. Normally moving isn't a too big of a deal because I really don't have that much stuff (a couch, a bed, a dresser, and a BBQ comprise most of my worldly possesions). I can easily fit it all into my Dad's truck, but alas, the truck is in Arizona right now. So, when I realized that Boeing will hire a company to move my stuff for me... I thought that that would be a great deal. Nope. So, they're picking my stuff up on Tuesday the 1st. And they'll be dropping it off on Monday... the 14th. And to be honest, I could almost care less about that. I'm just not a fan of not being in control of the situation.
Anyways, the paperwork is already coming in. Paperwork for the movers, paperwork for the corporate credit card, paperwork for moving expenses, paperwork for more paperwork (yes its funny, but no... its not a joke). When I went back to school, Boeing had left somewhat of a bad taste (not really bad, its like Tuna packed in water instead of oil. Still tasty-as-all-get-out, but could better) in my mouth and over the schoolyear that has faded into the background. But, getting large packets of paper is bringing it right back up to the front. Once I get going, and I'm just one of the cogs in the corporate machine... I won't have to do so much paperwork. I guess its just the paperwork to install a cog that is a pain.
Sorry its been so long since I've posted, but I really haven't had much to say about my "professional" life lately, since it's been on hold while I transition out of college.

Monday, January 03, 2005

What I Really Want To Do...

Is being a DBA what I really want to do? Not so much. Its a decent job, with decent pay, for a decent company in an awesome city. One thing I've never been happy with is being just 'decent'. So, I have a feeling that over the next few years I'll be transitioning some of those 'decents' to 'exceptionally awesomes.'
So, what really strikes my fancy? Well, I've always been a fan of making web pages. So that is a start I guess. But as web sites get more and more advanced, I become more and more intrigued by the possibilities of what can be done on the web. Newer sites aren't just HTML and javascript, they are rich enviroments with high amounts of user interactivity with low amounts of old-school-ish navigation. Here are some good examples:
  • Flickr - My friend and I toyed with doing a photo-sharing website this summer, but never got around to it. If we had been focused, and got it done... I could only hope that it would be half as useful/cool as Flickr. With smart javascript, and flawless integration of flash applications into the webpages, the site *begs* to be used. Another cool thing about Flickr is the availability of an API for outside developers to use. There have already been some genius applications developed that do cool things.
  • GMail - By far the best webmail I've ever used. They say that their organization system is far superior to previous email systems. Its pretty cool... but its not that much greater. The part that I think is really cool is that the email is very interactive... you don't have to load a bunch of pages. As soon as you're logged in, it seems like you're just using a normal windows program.

There are more, but I wanted to keep this post shorter than normal. So, what do these website have to do with me? Well, I want to create a web application that is cool enough to have people write about them... simply because they're cool. And hopefully there is some money making potential in them...