Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How My Personal Information Should be Handled

I've had a lot of time to think about the December 2006 stolen Boeing laptop (as opposed to the November 2005 Stolen Boeing Laptop or the April 2006 stolen Boeing laptop) because I'm at home sick today. I've come up with a few simple rules for companies that have my personal information... especially the information that could be used against me in the Court of Credit Fraud (Its one wrung below the Appellate Court):
  1. My personal information has to be encrypted at all times including during trasmission. The only acceptable time for it to be unencrypted is when its on my computer screen. I know that every company has the means to encrypt information. Do it.
  2. Workers with access to my data should not be issued laptops. You will be chained to your desk at your office.
  3. I'm sorry... but these workers can no longer work from home. 3 rotten apples ruined it for all of you.
  4. All computers containing said information must be bolted down and locked to a concrete floor.
  5. The concrete floor must be in a locked building on a secure campus in a secret location.
Would you like to know? Yes, my information was in with the other 327,999 current and former Boeing employees that are currently at an elevated risk for identity theft (Threat Level Fuscia?). Some thief has my social security number, my address, my phone number, and an assortment of other awesome and previously private information.

In other new, Adam's tonsils are huge... he has an appointment with an otorhinolaryngologists tomorrow at noon because Adam may have tonsilitis.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Working in Japan

One of my friends is over in Japan working with a supplier right now. From my friends that have gone over there, it sounds like an interesting experience.
You thought Boeing was bad about garbage pick up. There are no trash cans here. You have to pack it out. They don't have paper towels in the bathroom you have to bring a towel from the hotel room. Of course there is no hot water either, that would be way too much overhead.

They do like to use people as much as possible. If they can create a job, they will.

The conference tables have folding chairs. Notice that I said conference tables, not conference rooms. The tables are right next to each other. They do have something really cool though; the dry erase boards have a built in scanner and printer. When you're finished with your conference, you can hit print and get a hard copy of the board.

Last night we went to an Irish pub and taught them what an Irish Car Bomb is. I think they are going to add it to the menu. And it was only $15 for a Guinness and shot of Baileys.

Here are my thoughts:
  • No hot water? I hope he took some Purel with him, because without hot water he's not effectively washing his hands.
  • I'm glad Boeing provides paper towel dispensers (they're the "sensing" paper towel dispensers, which are an ordeal in themselves... maybe more on this later)
  • I wonder if he knows that there is supposed to be Jameson in an Irish Car Bomb too. I didn't want to tell him though... because it would probably be $25. $25 is heinously expensive for what amounts to 10 seconds of chugging. $2.50 per second. That's more expensive than driving a Hummer.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Metroblogging Loves Boeing

After a busy couple of weeks, I spent a sizable chunk of today trying to catch up on my RSS feeds.

This is post that definitely caught my eye. Metroblogging Seattle had a countdown of Seattle's Gift to the World. And, guess what the 4th gift is? The 7X7 airplanes.

Since I am .0006394% of the total number of Boeing Employees, I feel that I am entitled to some leeway after all the things I've done for the world. Therefore, none of you are getting Christmas presents this year.