Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Incompetence Undisciplined

So, I've had a few experiences with "customer service representatives" over the phone the last couple of weeks... and I'd like to tell you how I end up handling myself.

  • So, you call, and go through a few phone menus. This isn't frustrating at all... just annoying. It doesn't normally take more than about 3 minutes to get through all this.
  • Now comes the holding. This is where my mood ... "degrades". This is what the company thinks of you: "we want your money, but we don't want to actually pay anybody to take it... because we know you're a sucker, and you'll wait". This can take upwards of 30 mins. Now I'm pissed... and ready to kick some ass... and perhaps take some names.
  • Now the a-hole that is manning the phone comes on. And you're ready to just UNLOAD on him. But, they answer, and they sound SO depressed. And then it hits you... the person on the other side of the phone has the worst job in the world. You might think that maybe someone who has to clean poop up in a monkey cage has the worst job... but, at least they don't have to deal with inconsiderate people all-day. So... you're raging... and you can't let it out this poor guy, because you don't want them to go home and shoot themselves. So you have to just live with it.

So you live with it. I'm hoping I don't explode one day.

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