Friday, October 01, 2004

The transition...

So, I think this blog may transistion from being about me at Boeing... to being just about me. Why? Because it turns out that I actually like to write stuff here. So anyways, the career fair here at school has now come and gone... and I guess I want to write about my experiences.

I've never really taken the career fair seriously. I've always just used it as an oppurtunity to get a years supply of pens and highlighters (and perhaps a frisbee). This year I took it a little more seriously. And, I think it worked out for the best. So, on Tuesday was the "Engineering" career fair... but most of the companies were construction companies and crap like that. The cool companies there? Boeing, Sandia National Labs, Navair, Navsea... and well, I think probably the coolest company was They had pretty cool recruiters. I talked to the guy in charge of the 'Cruise' section for 30 or so mins. I gave him my resume... blah blah blah... then kept walking down the hall to look at who else was there. By the time I had walked back down the hall (this was a horribly laid-out career fair... just FYI), the other recruiter from expedia had already called me on my cell phone to schedule an interview. HOLLA!

So at 8AM Wednesday morning, I interviewed with the people. It was a pretty decent interview. Until we got to the part where he was like: "i want you to write a program to find all the prime numbers between 200 and 400"... and I'm like... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ummmmmmmmm... ok. I definitly hadn't prepped for that. I was expecting this to be kind of like... a getting-to-know-me type interview. Anways, I came up with a decent solution. I atleast remembered Euclids Algorithm... so that saved me a little. He said that for the next interview (he said there probably would be one)... the programming questions were going to be harder. I hope its a data structures one, or something like that... I could write a linked list in my sleep! Anyways... it was a fun interview.

So, at some point on Wednesday I made it over to the "general" career fair. Which was like 140 companies I would never even imagine working for. There were a couple decent CS jobs being recruited there. I talked to a couple of 'em.

Navair called me last night, and wanted to interview me today. So, I spent a while last night reading about the company. And its just a part of the Navy that highers civilians. BUT! They're a RDT&E (research, development, testing & evaluation... that means they blow stuff up!) facility for the Navy. My interviewing skills are really getting "on point" with all these interviews. Anyways, it went well, and he said he was also impressed with the CS Department at U of Idaho. At the end of the interview, we were just kind of BSing... but, one of the questions on the little sheet he was filling out during the interview was: "What is the most significant thing you've written." So, I gave him a serious answer... something about a senior design doc I wrote (which was actually pretty decent (in my mind at least)). But at the end of the interview... I told him that for me, the most significant thing I've ever written is this blog. At least I like this site, and I guess I like writing too.

So, maybe in the future, I'll have a story to put here.

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