Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Decision

Well, you wouldn't believe it... but... I think this site may stay live for a while! Anybody know why? Well, because Boeing made me an offer. But, there exists a dilemma... should I accept it? I think it may help me to lay out the pros and cons. Since I'm probably going to take this job... I don't know why I'm doing this. Well, at least it will give me a piece of mind.
  • Kinda Boring. Being a DBA isn't exactly rocket surgery. I just spent 4.5 years (I'm kind of slow... no suprises there) getting my college degree... I wouldn't mind exercising my brain muscle a little.
  • Boeing is HUGE. With just a touch more bureaucracy than communist China, Boeing is slow to do anything. Example: I was supposed to work on a tool to do workflow management. We had a meeting, and had a due date set. But somewhere along the lines, everyone involved decided to um... not do it. Everyone on the team was just like: "fuck it"
  • It's close to home. I kind of want to go somewhere other than Washington. I've lived there for a large chunk of my life. Granted, Seattle is a little different than Spokane... but, it's still Washington.

  • It's already here. I could not even have to LOOK for a job. There is one already sitting right here in my inbox.
  • Boeing is HUGE. There is oppurtunity to do a gajillion different jobs. Once I'm part of the company, I can tranfer around, and do other things. Perhaps thing than I enjoy more than DBA.
  • Great Benefits. There are literally more than I care to list here! Luckily, someone at Boeing did have the time to make that list.
  • It's close to home. It is nice to be able to head back to Spokane for a weekend up at the lake. Family gatherings will be cheaper to attend. And family emergencies more easily tended to (hmmm... maybe that means more responsibility... that could be a 'con' :)).

Anyways. Whatever. Drop your thoughts into a comment, and press 'post' or something. I'm willing to listen to anything (especially if you wanna offer me a job).

Just a few side notes: I just saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. If you've seen AI, or Battlefield Earth, you already know the feeling you'll get when you watch this. It's kinda like you've been sea sick for 2 hours, so you know you're gonna puke. But Montezuma's revenge is sneaking up... so you wanna take care of that. But as soon as you sit down for that... sure as sh_t (pun intended), here comes that Subway Turkey Breast sandwich (because, you've been on a diet for 2 years, but you're still a tubby little britch).

WHEW! so, now you know how I really feel about that movie. Time for bed.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Congrats on your offer! :). you should come back to seattle to work after graduation; it'd be a lot of fun. hope you're enjoying your senior year!


Anonymous said...

Adam... that's great man that you got an offer through them, although I think you knew it was coming sometime huh? Alot of my friends now work for Boeing, so I think I know about what they offered you in terms of $$$$.... I would JUMP on it! No sense actually having to look for a job, plus you'd be back in Seattle with me... more Golden Gardens, skiing this winter, drinking with Nate Dogg now that he is 21... good times man.

Again, congrats on the offer Adam!!!


Adam Phillabaum said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You might want to wait to see what happens with Expedia first.

Anonymous said...

Well, I vote that you go to Boeing, but that's the purely selfish answer.

Did your e-mail say "please see the attached document for information on accepting and moving forward," and then the document had no such information? Yeah, mine did that. Also, the document had information about relocation, but it had a link to an inside Boeing website, so I couldn't get it. Good job, guys.

Hope you're doing well - and I hope you go back to Seattle...