Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Unofficial Boeing Intern Guide

I get this question every year: "What should I do while I'm in Seattle." or something of that nature.
  • If you're working in Renton: you need to go to lunch at Cedar River Smokehouse. Its awesome. They've got great BBQ sandwiches.
  • Go to the intern classes. I used to help run them. They're really fun, and the teachers are good friends of mine. They get some really interesting people to come talk at them. Every once in a while, the speaker brings some free stuff to give out too.
  • Go on every tour you can. Make sure you get your manager's approval.... but s/he should be totally cool with it.
    • Everett factory tour is cool... the non-public tour is sweet.
    • The wind tunnel is pretty sweet too. They don't have this tour ever year, so take it if you can
    • The flight simulators are cool (duh)
    • Surprisingly... the tour of the Bellevue Data Center is pretty damn cool too. Or maybe I'm just a huge nerd and I'm the only one that thinks its cool
  • Don't eat lunch at your desk. Go find other interns or new hires to eat with. I know its nice to get to leave work 30 minutes early... but seriously... make some damn friends.
  • Go rafting with the whitewater club (BEWET)
While you're in Seattle for the summer:
  • Get a sandwich (the Midnight Cuban) from Paseo's in Fremont
  • Get a sandwich from Salumi in Pioneer Square
  • go take a picture of Seattle at Sunset from Kerry Park on Queen Anne
  • get to Bite of Seattle at the Seattle Center
  • Find your way onto a boat for the hydro races at Seafair. You'll love your life if you do.
  • Go to a Mariners game. Buy the cheap tickets and hang out in the beer garden.
If you're old enough to drink:
  • Fremont is the "chill" drinking area. Only one of the bars has a dance floor, and the rest are just bars... and lots of them have decks.
  • If you really want to go "clubbing" I guess Pioneer Square is where you'd want to head (although, I generally avoid this scene).
  • If you want a "fancy" night of drinking and perhaps some dancing: Go to Belltown.
There are some good day trips too:
And... unless you really need to save the money... this is my advice: Spend every cent that you make this summer. Have the summer of your life. When I was an intern, I came out at the end of the summer with about enough money to buy a BBQ.

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murikira yasmin said...

Hey am kenyan and living in a student of Air and space law-managing a Strong B,,am looking to joing boeing as an intern.wat are the procedures? And chances?