Thursday, June 21, 2007

Arbitrary Milestones

I am talking to my friend Zaheer on the phone... and I mentioned that I was about to break 60,000 page views to this website (according to my stat tracker). Zaheer visited the site, became the 60,000th visitor to Doing Boeing. Thanks for playing Zaheer. He doesn't actually win anything, but I still think its cool.

More arbitrary milestones:
  • 3 years before May 11th, I wrote my first blog post about Boeing.
  • This is the 140th published post to this blog
    • I wrote several posts after frustrating days at work, but decided against posting them
  • May 30th was my 25th birthday
  • Today was my one month anniversary at my new job
  • I paid my first mortgage payment on June 1st

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