Sunday, May 20, 2007

Done with Boeing

I've made a big decision: I've left Boeing.

I guess I'm not sure what else to say. Why did I leave? Honestly, its because I wanted something new. I'd been at Boeing for 2 years, 3 months, and 10 days... and I felt like I was beginning to stagnate.

What am I doing now? Tomorrow (Monday) is my first day at my new job. I'm going to be Program Manager at

What is going to happen to this blog? I'm not sure yet. I plan on leaving it online indefinitely. Will I keep writing to it? yes. Indefinitely? probably not. I've got lots of material left to blog about, I just have to find the time.


Anonymous said...

Boeing wears you down, man. It's a drag. Way too bureaucratic, too much incompetent middle management. Way too many ppl hanging aruound waiting for retirement. And now they are outsourcing lots of IT work to India (and China(?)). Benefits are OK, though. You made the right decision.

Anonymous said...

Boeing is the most bureaucratic company ever I agree. I have been there almost four years, I do about 1 hour of work a day. Im told I'm to new to do anything yet!
My women coworkers hate me because I'm not 300 pounds with 5 kids and wear sweatpants to work. I have been called to HR with complaints like my phone rings to loud, my phone vibrates to loud, I glared at someone, was on the internet to much, IMing to much....
The latest and greatest is I got taken by security because my manager said "I smelled like alcohol" (I dont drink) had to do a blow test and a drug test, got kicked out of work for four days (with pay that was nice) and of course everything was negative.
Then I get an employee corrective action with five days of no pay for clicking on a netflix movie preview that had partial nudity that appeared sexual in nature for a total of seven seconds! They were monitoring my computer, wouldnt tell my why. Then it gets better, I get called into investigations and asked why the system doesnt show me as logged in for a month and a half..Accused me of not coming in! The time frame was when they were monitoring me and when I got my corrective action.
This is my employer. I think we need to do a payscale on how much Boeing has spent monitoring me and HR complaints and all my time off. All because my fellow women dont like me. Also include the womens time complaining. Oh and tomorrow I'm going into HR for another issue, they wont tell me what..
Looking for a new job!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's a nightmare. Boeing is terribly bureaucratic, nepotistic, and inefficient. You could get rid of one-third of the Boeing IT staff and I believe the rest of IT would be more productive. Boeing hires like 5 people to do the work that one person does at an efficient company. I also have noticed that Boeing gives very preferential treatment to women, minorities, etc. I know a minority guy in IT who does nothing but ftp's a file a week from a unix box to a mainframe box. He's too lazy and unmotivated to do anything else, he knows he's untouchable. The stories above my posting here about the HR nightmares and monitornig are scary. Boeing in midwest have already let many contractors working in IT know that their contracts are done as of Dec 19, 2008. They will also lay off a lot of IT full time employees. They will most likely lay off good workers and keep the obsequious, bureaucratic yes-men and yes-women. The "working at home" non-sense that Boeing has is ridiculous, too. They let IT workers work at home; my experience with this is that those who work at home are clueless and do next to no work at all.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents used to work for Boeing, and both of my parents have been there for 30 years. They have all worked there very hard, but I know that the weight of the company bureaucracy and its relationships with the unions took their toll on them, despite good pay and benefits.

I can say though, that they take immense pride in not just their work, but the company as a whole. I remember them being upset about headquarters moving, and being ecstatic when the first 777 took off, and I certainly feel their angst with this Dreamliner.

I wonder what they would be doing if they had chosen a different path for themselves like you did. How are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Been working at Boeing for 5 yrs and I.dread going into work.every day. Just had a performance evaluation with my manager and all received were negative comments and didn't even mention or give me props on a shit load of work I recently finished. How is the manager suppose to give me a performance review when I haven't seen him in 3 months? Currently attending professional school in the evening and I.can't wait to quit! Btw, this.comment is in regards to WA BOEING.

boeing st. louis/st. charles/st. clair said...

5 years now and everyday is a struggle to be happy. Screw boeing and screw karen smith. Life is too short. -assembly mechanic St. Clair, IL.

Anonymous said...

I just left there today, I was able to retire but had it been a company with any ethics or management I would have stayed a couple more years. I have no doubt that the managers of all levels are required to go thru some sort of training to become, if not already, highly narcissistic. It is a true result of corporate greed and nothing more. The CEO even stated he would stay on as long as the employees are cowering…. This is the only true statement I have ever heard from any Boeing manager. The benefits were ok, but many just about useless and you will never get anyone to help you if you have a problem. I hated with a passion going to work every day and that should not be. No matter how many videos you see, TV commercials or PowerPoint presentations you have to sit thru, the bottom line is you’re just a dirt bag to management. I am very sad this is the new American norm. I can honestly say, I knew no one there that was happy with their job or their management. Greed is all it is. Location was Mesa, AZ Department: Quality (name only)

Anonymous said...

I came to Boeing as an intern. I've worked in both BCA and BDS. It's been 3 years that I'm at Boeing and I'm looking for opportunities to get out. Work is boring, lots of politics and I don't feel like I'm learning much. There are definitely better opportunities out there and I'm willing to take the risks to quit and find something more suitable.