Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You Know You Work For Boeing...

I know... 2 posts in 2 days. This is some sort of a roll. Unfortunately, the only people who are going to think most of these are funny are current Boeing employees.

Checklist to know if you're a Boeing Employee:
  • You're now that a-hole that schedules meetings for 7:30AM. When you first got to Boeing, you wondered how-in-the-hell were you going to make it to a 7:30AM meeting? Now you heckle anyone who gets into the office later than 7:00AM

  • You need to know what kind of plane you're flying on. You used to dread flying anywhere... now you dread that a coworker might see you boarding an Airbus. You heed the words: If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going

  • When you're driving past Boeing Field on the freeway, you strain your neck to see what airplanes are landing and taking off. And, you always look over to see what planes are at the Flight Test Center (just FYI, the Dreamlifter and 737-900ER are still there).


Anonymous said...

The saying is actually, "If it ain't Boeings, I'm not goings."

Anonymous said...

Well, from what I can tell, having gone through my 3rd salary review now, is this:

If your performance review goes up, up, up, and your integrated performance assessment goes up, and your salary increase goes DOWN, then you must be at Boeing.

In my 3 years, I had perf reviews of : 1) Meets Expectations, 2) Exceeds Expectations, and 3) Far Exceeds Expectations; Integrated Perf Ass. of 1) Meets, 2) Exceeds, 3) Exceeds, and salary adjustments of (wait for it... wait for it...)

1) 2% (which was 1/2 of the 4% norm because I'd only been there for 6 mos by the time the year ended)

2) 3% (which was less than 5% because I'd only been in the position for 6 mos)

3) 3% (which was it - this is what I got for an annual raise for 1 full year of exceeding expectations and being highly effective). In the context that the annual inflation rate in the US was 3.24%

Oh, wow, are we having fun yet?

Anonymous said...

what if you do that anyway....and don't work for Boeing?