Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Most people who have been working for more than 5 years probably take benefits for granted... but to us greenhorns, they're the best things since $1 pitchers. What brings this up? Well, earlier this year I broke my hand while I was skiing and was out of work for 3 weeks (I had to have surgery to put me back together again). And it only cost me $250 and no lost income.
Sick Days: We get 1 per month, with a maximum of 10 per year (if I remember correctly). I used most of mine when I broke the hand. I almost had to take another one today because my tonsils are big as grapefruits right now. Instead of taking a sick day though, I ended up just working from home.
Working from Home: This doesn't just benefit me. This definitely benefits Boeing. I can get significant more amounts of work done from home than I can from the office because I don't have all the distractions of the office (i.e. "Tina went out with Kevin?", "No way! She was just going out with Jeff!", "well I hear she has a new boy too"... gossip, you know). Plus, I just read an article that companies that let their employees work from home have a lower attrition rate. Working from home also benefits Seattle by taking people off the roads.
Vacation Days: You mean I can (almost) randomly take days of work off... and still get paid? Are you friggin' kidding me? When that fact really sets in, you realize the life is good. Real good. There is a debate amongst my colleagues whether it is more appropriate to use a sick day or a vacation day to nurse a hangover. I've been blessed with super-human abilities, and don't get hangovers (yet)... so my opinion is oft disregarded.
Disability Insurance: This one is so great, that I almost felt guilty for using it. Then I started getting all the paperwork I had to fill out, and felt less guilty. I got paid 80% of my regular salary (the other 20% was made up of sick days) for sitting at home and watching movies and reading books.
Dental: This is pretty sweet to. You don't have to worry about having to pay the dentist for a check up... preventive maintenance is 100% covered. You only have to worry about what day to schedule your appointment.
There are ton of other benefits too... but this post is already longer than expected.

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Don't forget about ShareValue Trust (I assume you're eligible). Depending on your time of service, you'll get stock and cash (max should be about $4800 per person).