Saturday, June 10, 2006

Boeing Employee Arrested

I need more details!
A Boeing Co. employee from Kent was arrested for investigation of theft after he allegedly downloaded proprietary information he was not authorized to have from company computers.
--The Seattle PI Article about this

I really hope that what the man said isn't true, I hope it wasn't a retaliation for doing the right thing. But, my gut feeling says that this guy isn't telling the truth and he probably deserves being fired and whatever legal ramifications associated with stealing and passing on company info. As is usually the case... its probably somewhere in the middle.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that guy who was just arrested is my stepdad's brother (step-uncle?).

What I gather from my parents talking about it is that he was some kind of investigator for the company, and reported some wrong-doings to the government. It was a legit claim, however, they didnt feel the urge to actually do anything about it (probably paid off), and so nothing was done about it. He was immensely harassed, and became depressed. He ended up not giving a f*ck, and started leaking information to get back.

That bit him in the butt real quickly. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Bomb, you're right on the money with the previous posts about business behavior....sounds like the process orientation ultimately led this guy down the wrong road (he was QA afterall). Why must we "procedurize" everything to the point of ridiculousness? -jts