Friday, July 01, 2005

The Beautiful People

Something I feel like I miss in Boeing is a personal connection to people that actually make decisions about what I do. But, my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss scheduled a meeting with me, and 5 other DBAs from my group to talk about… well… anything. It was amazing. His name is Radha Radhakrishnan (its fun to say, say it outloud) and he came to us, gave us a 15 minute ‘status update’ of the high-level stuff… then basically opened up the converstation for our comments and concerns.

Then I started thinking... "this shouldn't be an extraordinary thing to meet my boss". But, in Boeing it is. I really want to see an "enterprise wide org chart"... it would be taller than a Christmas tree, because there are so many levels of management

One thing that I’ve noticed about people at this level of executive-ship… they’re all beautiful. Radha is probably 50+, but he’s fit, trim, and -- in a completely hetero way -- a good looking man. I wonder if he's good-looking because he's a CEO... or he's a CEO because he's good-looking? If its the latter, I better start running more.

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