Thursday, March 03, 2005

Rolling Backpacks

I must have just not have been paying attention, but people are getting unbelievably lazy. When did carrying your briefcase or backpack become too much of a burden? People with the rolling "carry-on" bags are EVERYWHERE. Then it struck me... workplaces are just like high school.

In high school, one person has a mediocre idea... then the "popular kid" thinks its the greatest idea ever... then EVERYONE jumps on the bandwagon. I know everyone's high school had a different weird fad, but every school has one. If I remembered much about high school, I could probably tell you want my school's was... but alas, nope.

Another weird fad at Boeing (and I'm sure other places) is what we (the younger Boeingers) have dubbed "Badge Flair." If you're unfamiliar with flair, you must see Office Space. Most people have their badge on a lanyard around their neck. Then attached to this lanyard is a plastic holder for the badge. The plastic holder has some edges on it that have enough room to put pins on. So, now the competition is to find the coolest pin to put on your badge. And of course... the more pins the cooler you are, so people are rolling with some massive collections of "bling" attached to their badges.

Tomorrow is my first day of working from home... we'll see how that goes. Most people say they're more productive at home, but... well... we'll see.


Alan C. Aho said...

Now, what would be cool is a motorized briefcase. Beable to take it out of the trunk of your car and ride it from the parking lot to the office.

Anonymous said...

Now a floating one will be better

Anonymous said...

listen, I have been in physical therapy because I have to carry not only a laptop and printer with me every day, but also extra stuff incase my printer doesn't work. How nice for you to sit at a desk all day...not all of us have that opportunity..My laptop and printer weigh in excess of 25 pounds in one case, and although many of the men I work with can carry it on their shoulder, I ended up with tendonitis from trying (and no, I did no go for workers comp because of it)...I ended up getting a little sampsonite trolly instead. Of course, I could get workers comp, but which would you rather do, laugh at me because I have to roll my case around, or pay my salary while I sit home? Please stop and think before you make fun of people, it could be you tomorrow. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Adam Phillabaum said...

WHOA! I think you've taken me too seriously. I'm sorry if I've really offended you, it was meant as more as a 'light-hearted observation' than a critism.

But, I'd like to point something out... I carry my laptop with my everywhere I go. I don't sit at a desk all day. I definitely try to keep my load to a minimum though: the laptop, power supply, mouse, a notebook, and I try not to carry more than 100 pages of documents at a time (I also carry a water-bottle, but its empty most of the time).

Just another funny observation... non-handicapped people using the automatic door opener (you know... the big metal button with the guy in a wheelchair pictured on it). This especially bugged me when we had the big 'energy crisis' a couple years ago. Why can't you lift your arm up.. and pull the door open for yourself (and, if you have a tincy bit of manners... the person behind you too).

Anonymous said...

stop being such a whinner ANONYMOUS I think you missed the joke altogher. What you missed was that lazy (non handicapped) people use the HANDICAPPED access door opener. Having worked at a Diagnostic company I was witness to this on a daily basis. Employees with no rolling totes using this access for handicap people. I had Carpal tunnel when I was younger and never used handicapped accesses to my advantage. No problem with rolling totes, but use your badge to get in your not handicapped!!!