Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Cynics Were Right

If you had to ONE thing to give to your parents to prove that sending you to college was "worth it"... what would you give them? Something that represented your initiation into the professional world. Something that showed them that their 'baby boy' was all growed up. It isn't expensive, and it doesn't have any actual value but your first set of business cards have quite a high symbolic value.
While I was ordering my cards, I kept asking my mentor what I should put on them. And eventually he broke down, and said "it doesn't matter what you put on them, because it will be outdated in about 3 months." And, I'm like... whatever.
Well, what do you know... today I learned that my entire organization was moving to a new business unit. My cards say: "Shared Services Group", but I'm no longer part of that business unit.

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