Sunday, December 05, 2004

I'm watcing you watch me...

Being the nerd that I am, I look at the logs of the people visiting my site (actually visit the site, I can't track the people that subscribe to the RSS feed). And I'd like to hear from the people that visit my site often. There are a couple people who I don't know that look at it all the time.
*Someone from Australia
*Someone from Durango, Colorado
*Someone from Tukwila, Washington (I think), and
*Someone from Chicago.

It would be cool if you told me who you are, and how did you find my site... and why do you keep reading this crap? There are a few other people that check the site, but not nearly as often as those folks.

I really don't know who reads this thing... so, if you're reading this... you should leave a note in the "comments" section. I think this could be neat.


Adam Phillabaum said...

The person from Australia came, and DIDN'T say anything!! come on!!

Anonymous said...

I am the one reading from Durango, Colorado. I came across your site when I was researching information for a job interview with Boeing. Your site was one that I happened to come across. I liked reading your candid take on the Boeing culture and the stresses of the entire job search process. Searching for a job after college sucks believe me.

P.S. Got any helpful advice to ace the Boeing interview, I have a few more coming up soon. Numerous attempts, but no successes. I am not in computer science, but any general advice is much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Traceroute to me gives in later hops. Various locater sites place my current IP in Kenmore Washington. I am actually in an unincorporated zone bordered by Burien, Seatac, Tukwila, and Seattle.

I am a recent UW CSE graduate. I got off to a late start looking for jobs and have been doing a lot of interviewing lately. I should be hearing back from Google and Microsoft soon. Hopefully at least one will see fit to make me an offer.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you know who I am =)

When I drove to Mammoth this weekend, I saw a turnoff for China Lakes and I thought of you.


A said...

I don't get here often enough to have made your hitlist, but I'm watching you, too. You're what I consider local, regarding the Internet- I'm in SW Wyoming. I only revisit blogs with decent grammar, and yours is generally informative and occasionally hilarious. I think I found you one sleepless 'next blog' marathon.

Anonymous said...

If you want a job in boeing you need to ace the behavoural type questions, see url:

Anonymous said...

>>>> is a dead link. Relink?