Sunday, July 18, 2004

Should Food Be THIS expensive?

So, the enigma known as corporate cafeteria, must know be exposed. The food tastes like ass. There are only a couple of explanations that I can think of. They are the only 2 logical iews to take, and I'll examine both of them... because, I take food seriously.

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The corporate machine wants to take as much money as possible from me. They charge ridiculous prices because I have to be at work at 7:30, and they know that its next to impossible for me to get up early enough to put on clothes... let alone make a sammich and other crap for a lunch. AND, if they have me chained to my desk all day doing work, and I don't have time to drive off campus to get food... I'll have to go get a $6.00 cupcake, and a $4.00 for a Reese's Piece (just one, the pack is like... $20).

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Local Businesses pay Boeing to keep crappy food on-campus so we're forced to go out to lunch. I mean... I work in Renton, and for a city of this size, they have an incredible number of restaurants. For a city with one movie theatre, would you expect there to be 1000 restaurants? What kind of ratio is that (well... actually its like my CS classes... but, lets not talk about that). If you want Teriyaki, get ready to walk half of a block. If you want to watch a movie... well... you've got a 15 minute drive. Anyways... I digress.

No matter which view you believe to be correct, I know we can all come together, and agree that corporate cafeterias don't serve food worth eating. Luckily, if they decide to give it to me for free, like... at a morning meeting, or a special event... it tastes better. Wait... no it doesn't. But, I will eat it... because free food is awesome.

And, for the end, a little note. I really do enjoy working for Boeing.

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