Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Fastest Week Known to man...

      This last week went by SOOOO fast. There aren't many things better than 3 day weekends, followed by 4 day work-weeks (I guess a 7 day weekeend followed by a 0 day work week would be pretty sweet too).
      This weeks post shan't be about as much about work, as it will be about everything else. Here is a listing of this post's goodness: Being Evicted? Going Out! I know that was a lame attempt at a thesis statement for this... essay? but, I like lists, they keep me going in order.
      The weekend I moved in to my apartment over here, there was a "comply or vacate" notice on our door. Because Ben (my roommate) had installed a locking door on his bedroom, the battery in one of the smoke detectors was almost dead (which doesn't matter, since the smoke detectors are all hard wired to the power in the building), and Ben had asked her if he could be in the apartment whenever she was, because he suspected her of stealing some cooking pans from him. So, we're like: "I guess most of those are actual violations, no biggy, we can get two more of these notices before they can do anything."
      So, I come home from my first day of work and there are already like 10 people in my place and everyone is like: "We're going to a party in a little bit.." So, I'm like: "cool, let me change clothes." What a waste of time/energy/clean clothes that was. Nobody ever went to any parties, about 20 people just chilled at my place and we played drinking games and whatnot, it was actually pretty damn fun. There was a birthday party for a sorority girl on the floor above us, so there was about 50 hot girls roaming our halls. Some of them came and hung out (and spent the night... way different story though), so that was pretty cool.
      Next day: "Comply or Vacate" notice is on our door again. We were "Using a common area" or something like that, because some people were out in the hall and the stairway "talking." Some people were smoking out on our balcony, which is stricly verboten. And, someone had damaged the building a little... but we honestly don't think any of our friends did it, because we knew everyone at our apartment, and the party the sorority girls had was WAY huger than our party. That was like 2 weeks ago now... Ben and I are going to try to be good tenants for the next few months, so we don't get kicked out.
      In Moscow, my friends and I go to the bars with some regularity. But here, my friends and I hadn't really been going to the bar, or drinking at all. Well, I think we fixed that problem. I went to a bar with some Boeing interns last night, it was pretty fun. Although, they wanted to dance... and I'm fat, white, and lazy. Which are mutually exclusive (WOOHOO! set theory) properties. Thursday night, I went out to a couple bars in the U-District (where I live, so we walked). I met up with some friends that I hadn't seen in a while. They said they loved this page, and that I should mention a mangina on here. There you go girls, I said it.
      There was going to be so much more to this post, but... I'm really running out of steam. I need... FOOD! YAY! Lets go get some Thai food. Buh Bye.

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Adam Phillabaum said...

"Although, they wanted to dance... and I'm fat, white, and lazy. Which are mutually exclusive (WOOHOO! set theory) properties."

Dancing and being [fat, white, and lazy] are mutually exclusive. Sorry, I should have made that more clear.