Monday, August 21, 2006

Performance Evaluation Extra

We have other bards in Boeing! A software engineer in Wichita, Kansas emailed me a poem he wrote last year around the time of his Performance Evaluation. Now, with out futher ado:

Performance Evaluation Extra (PEE)

How did I do in Two-thousand and five?
Achieved that perfection for which we all strive?
Perfect? Well… no.
The “process” was too slow,
But my pulse says at least I’m alive.

Towards that perfection I try,
But the restroom made all go awry.
I arrived at the “head,”
But the auditor said,
My process was not CMMI.

So now in the restroom I stay.
I expect that I’ll be here ‘til May.
But committed I am
To finish this plan,
Though the peer reviews cause some delay.

Each time that I schedule a meeting,
The duration is typically “fleeting.”
I’m not sure of why
But my suspicions are high,
It’s the smell of the urinal seating.

Returning to where we began,
I’ve become quite the powder room point man.
Though my future seems bright,
Each flush does rewrite,
My Performance Development Plan.

~Steve Ware 12/13/05

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