Monday, February 27, 2006


I've written a few times about Boeing's Chairmans Innovation Initiative, and my involvement with it.
Connexion actually transferred control from the CII to themselves... thereby making me a "graduate" of the CII program. I haven't written about this on the blog because I've been super busy for many months (thanks to grad school, ski season, and a hand-injury that took me out of the game for a few weeks). Unfortunately, Connexion doesn't really have the money to fund such a project right now... so its been put in an indefinite holding pattern. Hopefully, someday, Connexion will have the money and I'll have time time to get the project back into the air.
While I was at a celebratory lunch with Maury and Kathleen (two of the best people I've met in Boeing) they informed me that the CII was getting shut down. That was a couple months ago, and now the internal CII website shows that the program has been shut down. I'm actually pretty upset about this because the CII was one of the things I really loved about Boeing. Its hard to hatch a chick in a henhouse as big as Boeing without an incubator.

PS: does anyone know why the spellchecker in Blogger is so far inferior to the spellchecker in GMail? The really ironic thing about the spell checker in blogger is that it recommended "bloc" to replace "blog." Thats business-comedy gold.

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