Saturday, June 11, 2005


I've been in class all week for Oracle 10g New Features (more about this later), and yesterday we got out early... so I logged into the work network. I don't remember who IM'd me the link about today's topic, but... someone did... and it may have ruined me for a day or 2.
There was a 5K "fun-run" in Fremont yesterday. I figured I could handle it because I had been running a couple miles after work 3 or 4 days a week. I roped Ray into going with me... and we met up at his apartment, and walked down to the start line. Ray and I chat a little bit, and then we're deciding which group we should be in... and I figured we should probably be in the 9:00 minute mile group. Luckily for Ray, he's in shape... and a 9 minute mile sounds like a leisurely stroll through Fremont. Unluckily for me, I'm a fat lard... and a 9 minute mile sounds like death. So, 9 minutes was the perfect compromise.
As it turns out, Ray and I both brought MP3 players... so we hardly even talked to each other during the run. And, he took off after about 100 yards.

Here is the list of my shames during the run:
  • I got passed by a guy that was at least 100 years old
  • I got passed by a guy running with a backpack full of speakers, batteries and MP3s.
  • I got passed by lots of girls. lots. (I'm not going to lie... this wasn't always a bad thing)
  • I got passed by a guy SPEED WALKING!
  • I got passed by many 10 year old children.
I finished in 29 minutes (or 9:20 miles per minute). Ray finished in 25:22 (8:10) miles per minute. He left me in the metaphorical dust.

Then... we had to walk back to Ray's apartment. It was uphill. It was death.


Anonymous said...

definitely fun times, though next time we need to get you going a little faster. :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Just hilarious. Did any handicap people pass you too?