Saturday, May 22, 2004

The First Day

"So, how was the first day?"
      I woke up at 7:00AM, S(hit), S(howered), and S(haved). I got to work about 8:00PM. But it wasn't as simple as "getting to work." The building I work in is the largest one story buildling I've ever looked for a cubicle in. Luckily, my mentor had the foresight to call me on Thursday to tell me the grid location of my cube. So, I figure I'm going to walk in, and I'll magically know where my cube is suppose to be. I walked into the building, and all I could see is a hallway that was about 600 yards long, if not longer. Where the shit was the grid? There were doors off the hallway, but I was scared that I was just going to walk into some dudes offices. It turns out, I found it about 30 seconds later, and the grid system was a piece of cake.
      So, I get there, and I meet my manager, Paul. He's SUPER nice, he gets me a laptop and a cell phone (apparently, only DBA interns get cell phones). We talked about a few logistical thing, then me and my mentor, John took off towards my desk. I set my stuff down, and I went on a journey through four rows of cubes. Luckily it was a Friday and a lot of people telecommute on Fridays. So, I only had to meet about 10 people right then. Over the course of the day, I think I probably got introduced to about... 1000000 people. I might remember like... 5 of them. Luckily, I get to meet them all again like 10000 times. You do the math.
      So, all day I got deluged with information... it was kind of hard to remember it all. A lot of it was just "HOWTO" stuff about getting setup. Luckily, we didn't really cover anything pertaining to my job. Of the stuff pertaining to my job: I've got 40 hours of Oracle DB Administration training, and about 5000 pages of Oracle Concepts to cover, then I've got another couple hundred pages of SQL*Plus to read about. There is probably some PL_SQL to cover too.
      Over the course of the day, me and the interns I had orientation with managed to plan dinner at Red Robin at 8:30PM. I got there about 8:40. I walked around, and didn't recognize anyone, so I left. I got out the door, and recognized a few people, so I went back in with them. Then I realized that I had walked past a group of like 14 interns, and not even noticed (didn't I feel like a genius). I think we ended with a group of like... 22 interns. Everything from Aeronautical Engineers to Supply Chain Management. And again, they were all so nice and I couldn't even believe it.
      So, I think this post is good enough... And, I keep getting distracted by watching Sex in the City. Just FYI, this show rocks.

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Anonymous said...


SO, here is MY first day @ work @ elkins this summer:

S(MOKE A BOWL) @ about 10AM
I(dont shave)

Hung out with some friends, and then attended a WONDERFUL training session with Tina in the bar, served some drinks, and proceeded to get shitfaced(you know how it is)...

Next on the agenda for the evening:


Lates Adam, good luck with the internship, sounds like it's pretty tight, you gots to come to the lake ASAP for some good azz shit. Clint Roberts just got a job in the restaurant this weekend and is staying with Andrew in Cabin 11. only problem this summer so far: NO PUNTANG AT THE LAKE IN MAY.

word, water is 48F and we dared breanne to jump in off my dock in 50 degree weather. she did it. you do the math.

keep in touch,