Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Beginning...

How it started:
      I went to the Career Fair over at WSU. Talked to the guys at the Boeing booth. They gave me a pen with the Boeing Employment website address on it. A few months later, I checked the website out. I just counted, and it turns out that I've applied for 33 individual positions.

      A few weeks ago, I got a call from a lady that worked at Boeing, and I talked to her for about 30 minutes. I was interviewing for a job developing a website for a maintence documentation product that Boeing has. It didn't sound like that much fun, but hey... it was Boeing! I had another interview with Suzanne and a couple other people from her team. I got a call back a few days later... I didn't get the job. But Suzanne said she would give my resume around to other people in her office because she liked me... and I'm thinking: "Yeah right."

      Well, I got another call, a week later from Paul. I talked to Paul for 6 minutes and 49 seconds (literally), and he had offered me a job. I'm going to be a DBA intern for Boeing.
    Paul warned me, but the deluge of paperwork was about to start:
  • Application for Employment, 10 pages
  • Post-offer Health Questionairre, 4 pages
  • Export Control Compliance Verification Form, 1 page
  • Employment Eligibility Verification, 1 page
  • Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement, 3 pages
  • Ethics Acknowledgement Form, 1 page
  • Code of Conduct Certification, 1 pages
  • There is more too, I have to fill out some more forms to get my relocation money, and for getting per diem while moving over.

      I have to go get a urine analysis drug test on Friday too. I think that is most of it. I know that all of this work doesn't just apply to Boeing... but for the love of Pete, show me some compassion people. And the worst part is? I have crappy hand-writing. So, I have to write really slowly so that it looks half decent. Writing slowly lasts for the first half of a page then I get too impatient, and it turns to crap.

      Luckily I know some people in Seattle from when I lived there. One of my good friends from my years at UW just happened to have a room available in his apartment. So, I'm moving in with him on Sunday. I have to go fill out some of that paperwork at Boeing on Monday, then next Thursday I have "orientation." Which starts at 7:30 AM. At least the day of orientation is paid. Oh yeah, this is also the best paying job I've ever had: $17.09/hour. Hopefully I won't blow it all on crack and prostitutes... but, I've got the self-control of a hungry lion with a zebra dangling in front of its face.

      But, before I do anything for Boeing, I have to survive finals week. I definitely need to quite writing, and study for my finals.


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Adam Phillabaum said...

I just moved into my new apartment in Seattle. I have to go fill out some paperwork at Boeing tomorrow. I've got HBO On-Demand... this is the coolest thing ever... I'm gonna watch every sopranos from this season now :)

Taking the drug test made me feel like a criminal. If you've never taken one, then you don't know.